Suicide Postvention Coordination

Our Suicide Postvention Protocol team helps to facilitate a community response to a suicide in a local community.

In South-East Melbourne and Gippsland, we provide Suicide Postvention services. Postvention is support given after a suspected suicide and Jesuit Social Services Support After Suicide provides Suicide Postvention coordination through two existing Suicide Protocols.

Suicide postvention coordination involves working with local organisations to provide a “whole of community” response after the suicide of a young person or where the suicide of an older person impacts on younger people. This postvention coordination is to avoid the possibility of others also taking their own lives and to help reduce the traumatic impact of a suicide.

In South-East Melbourne Jesuit Social Services Support After Suicide coordinates one protocol called SMA (Southern Melbourne Area) Protocol that covers the Greater Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia local government areas. The second protocol is called FMP (Frankston Mornington Peninsula) Protocol and covers the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula local government areas.

Whilst there are currently no postvention protocols in Gippsland, Jesuit Social Services Support After Suicide provides information and support to communities bereaved by suicide in Gippsland communities.

To make an inquiry or a notification, contact our Postvention Coordination team on 0407 450 761.