Online Communities

Our online communities offer people bereaved by suicide to connect and support each other at any time. They are available to anyone in Australia.

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Support After Suicide Online Community

The Support After Suicide online community brings together people who are bereaved by suicide and living in Australia to connect online and support one another. Members can discuss issues that are important to them and converse with others who understand their experience.

It is an online space to share your story, ask advice and support others who have lost someone they care about to suicide.

You can join the community by completing a simple online form. We’ll ask you for a few details to ensure the community is right for you.

Support After Suicide Hub (SASH)

If you are an LGBTQIA+ person who has been bereaved by suicide, you may like to join the online community forum on SASH. Created by and for LGBTQIA+ communities, SASH is a dedicated hub and forum for LGBTQIA+ people bereaved by suicide.