Support After Suicide

Helpful resources


These websites have some additional information that you may find helpful.

Australian Child and Adolescent Trauma, Loss and Grief and Network

Resources on loss, grief and trauma in children and young people.

Beyond Blue

Information about anxiety and depression. Phone and online support.

Black Dog Institute

Information on mental health and suicide prevention

Conversations Matter

Resources to support safe and effective discussions about suicide.


Information on mental health and suicide prevention

Postvention Australia

Association for people bereaved by suicide. Information on support groups.

Sane Australia

Assisting people with a mental illness and carers. Online forums and helpline.

Suicide Prevention Australia

National peak body for suicide prevention


Winston’s Wish

Support to bereaved children, their families and professionals. There is an online section specifically for children and young people.


Dougy Center

A national centre for grieving children and families. Has a range of good resources available.


Support After Suicide publications

Nothing prepared me for this

Prose and poetry written by people bereaved by suicide

Thank you for listening

Prose and poetry written by people bereaved by suicide

The cost of silence

Stories written by men telling of their experience of suicide bereavement

Tell me what happened

Talking with children and young people about suicide



Other reading

Baugher, Bob and Jordan, Jack: After Suicide Loss: Coping With Your Grief. (Available through the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement.)

Bialosky, Jill (2011) History of a Suicide: My Sister’s Unfinished Life. Atria.

Braun, Noel (2010) No Way To Behave at a Funeral.Sid Harta Publishers. (Death of his wife)

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For young people

Ross, E. (2001) After Suicide: a ray of hope for those left behind, Perseus Publishing, Cambridge, MA.

For children

Cammarata, Doreen (2009) Someone I Love Died by Suicide: A story for children survivors and those who care for them. Limitless Press.

Sands, Dr Diana (2011) Red Chocolate Elephants: for children bereaved by suicide. Karridale. (This is a book and DVD) Available at the website of Bereaved by Suicide.

The Dougy Center (2001) After a Suicide Death: an activity book for grieving kids. The Dougy Center, Portland, Oregon. ( Available at the website of the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement.